Injections Assistance

In today’s fast moving world, we tend to neglect our own health, saying we don’t have the time to make multiple visits to a hospital. LilyCare ensures that you take care of yourselves by receiving healthcare services in the comfort of your home. The focus is on clinical excellence coupled with superior patient experience at an affordable cost. While an injection is a basic medical procedure, it must be administered by a professional nurse only.

Injections Assistance

Types Of Injections

  • Intravenous injection: Here the needle is inserted into the vein and the medication is delivered directly into the bloodstream.
  • Intramuscular injection: Here the medication is delivered deep into the muscle, which facilitates quick absorption by the blood vessels.
  • Subcutaneous injection: Here the medication is delivered into the tissues between the skin and the muscle.
  • Intradermal injection: The medication is delivered directly into the dermis, which is the layer just below the epidermis of the skin.
  • Depot injection: Depot injections are usually either solid or oil-based preparations that are absorbed gradually by the surrounding tissue
  • There are several advantages of taking an injection at home by a well-trained nurse.



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